Separate lives

I’ve been told I’m a paradox all wrapped up in one.

I can be knee-deep in mud in the afternoon and dressed up in heels for a networking event that night.

I thought I could keep it all the facets of my life funneled into one website.

But a friend recently told me I might be muddying the waters, confusing potential clients about what they should be looking for when they need a writer or a community manager.

Shep and That Angela

She thought it might even help me find travel-related clients (yes, please!) if I build a website that’s dedicated to the weekend adventures I take with my trusty best friend at my side.

And so, I’ve exported all of my Adventurous Me posts over to a new website, Our Great Escape. (Honestly, I couldn’t believe that URL was still available … who’s the nutty one that left it hang for so long?)

There, I’ll be relaying the stories of my adventures with Shep and giving a little more showcase to my photography hobby.

Here, I’ll be focusing on my thoughts about writing, social networking and other career developments. Maybe I’ll write something about a happy client who has seen his Google search ranking jump to fifth after starting a program with me … uh yeah, not-so-subtle brag alert!

I know I owe you a post about Pinterest and why I caved.

And then there’s the one about the business owner who Fashion Polices customers on her Facebook page.

If you don’t see those posts in the next couple of weeks, get after me for it, would you?

There’s that and doing some other housekeeping around here, cleaning up and adding a little about what I actually do for clients.

In the meantime, head over to Our Great Escape and check out the nooks and crannies of Canada and the United States, places you may never know existed.

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