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Hi Tosca,

It’s me. I’m a beer-swilling, Twizzler-munching, donair-eating, wine-drinking fiend.

I’ve been lifting weights for more than 10 years, seeing results off and on the few times I made the effort to pay attention to what I was eating.

I’ve been a somewhat loyal reader of Oxygen for much of that time and then I started picking up Clean Eating Magazine. I loved the recipes. I’ve added many of them to blog posts right here on this site.

Why did I never go full boar into a solid nutrition plan? I’ve never had the discipline or the will power. Inevitably, I fall off the wagon and go back to my wild ways, skipping breakfast and inhaling sweet red licorice by the pound.

Last spring, I enrolled in LA Weight Loss. They wouldn’t let me cook from your magazine. I had to follow their prescribed meal plans, ones that included ground beef sautéed in taco seasoning on top of lettuce. That was their idea of ‘delicious.’

I dropped 20 pounds. I fit into my skinny jeans. I got sick of their shtick, always grubbing for more money. After two months, I had sunk almost a thousand bucks into their deal.

Two months ago, my American and I sat in Spokane and hammered out a health challenge. We would each complete five miles a week and aim to lose five pounds in one month.

Easy peasy. Five miles a week? Five pounds? Phphpt … I can do that in my sleep.

Then life happened. Come here! Do this! Meet me there!

Restaurants and wine and dining and delicious food.


Off the wagon.

I met my distance goal but not the weight goal. My American arrived down his five.

‘Oh well, I thought it was something we could do together.’

The distance between us, you see, can be wearying. And we plan for things to do together to keep us close — emails, texts, Phone Dates and, yes, health challenges.

I was shamed. I disappointed him.

I picked up The Eat Clean Diet and dove in. It’s light reading. It’s informative. It’s easy to understand. The Cooler Plans are healthy and varied and the food is not at all bland.

It has the protein I need to replenish my muscles after lifting weights. It has berries and fruit to satisfy my sweet tooth. And you champion the mushroom, that awesome little fungus so filled with vitamins and antioxidants and stuff!

After four days, I was already down my five.

More importantly, I feel better. I was constantly bloated. Lethargic.

I sleep better. I wake up better. I get through the day without a nap better.

Dear Tosca, you make it easy to stay on this plan (mind you, it’s been a week and my will power starts to wane after two or three weeks). You make it easy to tell people to try it.

Because it isn’t just good-for-you food. It’s good food.


A fan

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