The coffeefication of Angela

I’m a coffee dummy.

That’s no lie.

Except I spend five dollars on a cafe latte probably three or four times a week.

“Grande vanilla soy latte, please.”

I settled on Starbucks lattes because they made sense. Steamed milk and espresso.

The first one I had was a straight latte, no syrup. And it was not good. Too sharp.

Then someone handed me a latte with some vanilla in it. Mmmmm, syrupy, sugary, vanilla-y goodness.

And I haven’t strayed from that path in … oh … six years. OK, that’s not entirely true. Starbucks came out with Pumpkin Spice latte for autumn and Gingerbread latte for the Yuletide season.

Mmmmmm … yummy. And whipped cream, to boot.

Tonight, however, I learned much about coffee. My StumbleUpon adventure landed me on two different edumacative (I so can make up new words!) sites.

This helpful diagram says it all, telling me the proportion of steamed milk (soy for me!) to milk foam to espresso to syrup to … yikes!

Really, it’s not that complicated.

And this lovely site gives us a breakdown of all the drinks available at our friendly neighbourhood Starbucks.

Mmmmmmm … Java Chip frappu … ah, but I digress.

The point is, I learned something tonight. Even though my friend Mindi Rice, a fierce sports-writing woman, waits until now to let me know she’s a former barista.

Sigh … you just never know. Maybe if I’d StumbledUpon that information …

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