The trouble with Twitter

Don’t get me wrong.

Twitter is a great communication tool. My social circle has expanded in ways I couldn’t have imagined five years ago.

I have a new appreciation for its ability to disseminate information, following my participation in a fundraiser.

But with that fundraiser came an onslaught of more than 200 new followers, many of whom I felt obliged to follow. They are Flames fans, Calgary folks, photographers, philanthropists and interested in what I’m saying … apparently.

Yeah, my profile bug says ‘interesting as hell’ but come on … it’s not like I really believe that. OK, maybe I do … a little bit.

There’s a problem with all these new folks I’m following, though. The people I really really really want to read are getting lost in the shuffle.

That tells me it’s high time I sat my arse down, stopped Tweeting for a good couple of hours and sorted some people into lists.

I hope to do that some time this weekend. And please don’t be offended if you don’t make it onto one of my lists. If you @ me, I promise I’ll respond.

And maybe then, you might make it onto a list.

In the meantime, here a couple of other teeny, tiny little faults about Twitter … or would that be Tweeny, Twiny little?

  • Folks don’t really get rhetorical questions. I’ve asked questions to which I didn’t really want an answer and yet some people think it’s an opening to a discussion. Not everything needs to be broken down but it seems I’ll have to start saying #rhetoricalquestion to see if they get it.
  • In the same vein, sarcasm can be mistaken for serious tone. One has to take care when being flippant so as not to offend.
  • We’re missing a temporary ‘hide’ button. Now I know y’all love my incessant Tweeting to the #Flames hashtag but I’m sure there may … may … be a small percentage of my followers who are disinterested. They could turn me off for a little while without unfollowing. (Credit for this shared with Alex Ruiz and @gotkube.
  • Creeps are sometimes unavoidable. Flirty Tweets among friends get misinterpreted by some watching. We had a guy requesting pictures and asking if we girls were really going to get together and what it is we really liked about each other. My skin crawled. And I blocked him.

If I could pass along some advice, it would be to read your post twice or thrice before hitting submit and ensure your intent will be understood.

And, please please please, don’t be creepy.

That’s just wrong.

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