Two photowalks, one week

November?!?!? November was the last time I wrote about an adventure?


What’s worse is how much time I have on my hands these days. In late January, Bella and I packed up a U-Haul and moved to Spokane, Wash., to join Our American in our Happily Ever After.

And I’m not allowed to work.

There must be time for adventure.

There is.

Last week, Bella and I set out for two photowalks.

I happened upon the Saltese Flats Conservation Area two years ago when I was out .

I made a quick driveby, seeing the parking lot and bookmarking the spot in my mind.

Mild, sunny February weather created a perfect day to head out with Bella, my camera, my hiking boots and some water.

Bella, our Maremma sheepdog who celebrates her first birthday on March 24, adjusts easily to hiking — at least now that she has a Halti harness and isn’t pulling on-leash as much as she used to.

She sees the open space and wants to roam, the same way I do.

maremma sheepdog
The Uplands offer a grassy, somewhat muddy hike.

Spokane County and Washington Trails Association worked together to create an awesome recreation area for outdoor enthusiasts. It features 552 acres and more than seven miles of trail.

Saltese Uplands Conservation Area
The trails wind through canyons and grassy ridges, offering amazing views of the Saltese Flats, Liberty Lake and Mount Spokane.

Liberty Lake Washington

A special place

I’ve considered Spokane Valley my home for several years, never mind that I always had to return to Canada. Never mind that I had to wait for Our American to pop the question.

During our first year together, he led me toward Mirabeau Springs and Centennial Trail as a place to walk Shep.

I took this picture of the falls on our first time there:

mirabeau springs spokane valley

It’s always been one of my favourite places for family walks and we’re continuing that with Bella.

It’s also where we’re planning to get married. Soon. The falls won’t be turned on in time; nonetheless, it’s a pretty place with many wonderful memories of Shep … and many more to be created with Bella.

Spokane River is higher and faster than it should be in February, but we’re having a freakishly mild winter. As in no winter at all.

trestle spokane river


I even wondered if we have to save the alien from drowning.

spokane river

It’s a busy place. Centennial Trail is loved by walkers, runners and cyclists.

And Maremma sheepdogs.

Maremma sheepdog

Of course, the best part of a long photowalk is the end.

At the Mirabeau parking lot, there’s a sweet little lagoon.

spokane river

A great place for a wee little girl, one month shy of her first birthday, to take a breather and cool her feet.

maremma sheepdog

Oh those paws. Those big floppy paws.

Just hangin’ around.

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