Wrong answer


I had a job interview yesterday.

I think it went well.

I dare not speak the name of the company in fear of the black cloud of jinx, as if I put my left skate on first.


It was for a social media position and it would combine three of my great loves.

No, not me, my dog and My American, sillies.

The other ones.

Writing, photography (kind of) and connecting with people online (yes, that’s you).

One of the four-member panel looked up from my resume and said, ‘have you ever curated a blog?’

No, I said and went on to talk some more about this site, a topic that had already arose.

But there I was, just a few scant minutes ago, standing in the shower and thinking, ‘dammit, you idiot.’

Curating a blog?

Hell’s bells.

Curating a blog, according to Right Mix Marketing is merely ‘the collection and sharing of content such as articles, videos, pictures, tweets, songs or other pieces of digital content.’

That sounds an awful lot like watching the news and photo wires, figuring out what a newspaper reader will find interesting over his morning cup of joe, and slotting it into the right hole on a page.

Which I did. For a long time.

And it sounds an awful lot like what I’ve been doing on my Twitter feed for the last three years.

And you find me entertaining and interesting, right?


Damn you.

In any case, the most important thing I’ve been learning through this job interview process is what I do know.

Trouble is, most of the time I’m figuring that out long after I’ve answered the question.


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